Wordpress customizer does not save the changes

  • Answered

I have been experiencing an issue, whenever I try to make changes in my Theme Customizer it shows fine in the live preview but when I open the website the changes are not visible, it looks like before.

Recently I tried to add featured images on my posts, so enabled and checked the "Display Featured Image?" box in customizer, the live preview showed me the changes, I logged out , cleared cache and opened my website, but no featured image was visible, I again logged into wordpress admin panel and visited the Customizer again, I don't know how but all the changes made there by me just 5 minutes ago were reverted back and the box for featured image was also unchecked.

Any help please ?

Here is the site : http://www.focusandleap.com/
Hello, Sorry to hear about your issues with the WordPress Customizer. Without being able to duplicate it, I will have to run down the normal troubleshooting steps. First, disable all plugins and see if the error goes away. If it does, then re-enable the plugins one at a time, testing after each one is enabled. If the issue reappears after enabling a plugin, then that is the one causing the issue. You will need to find another plugin to do the same thing, or have the plugin developer take a look. If it is not the plugins, try changing the theme to a default theme. If the issue disappears, then it is the theme. You will then need to switch themes or contact the developer. Failing those two items, you will want to contact the Live Support and have them look at logs and permissions. It can then be either a permissions issue, or possibly a mod_security issue, both of which can be resolved by our Support Team. Kindest Regards, Scott M