Broken or Missing files in WP themes

  • Answered
I have recently tried to install and previously existing WP site I had. I kept getting error message and finally it was able to work using the default WP Theme. However I need a more sophisticated theme and when I try to upgrade or activate from the dashboard/appearance...the errors come back and nothing works on the site. When I try and upgrade the them following the inmotion hosting instruction to do this from templates/style-sheet the same errors happen. Apparently there are missing files for the themes???? I have been dealing with this for over four hours and am quite stressed . Can someone give "SEE DICK RUN" childproof instructions for upgrading to Child Optimal themes so that any files that might be missing are inserted. Someone suggest uploading the theme with a new install. Look this might be easy for you but not for me. Please I need help. The site is http://expatslifeinthephilippines.vom

Im sorry you have been having issues with this as it can be very stressful. I would suggest removing the them files from /wp-content/themes/your-theme/ and re-installing the theme so that way it should have all of its files in there.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens