how with plug-in(custom page) do make background specific to one page?

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I mean how do you make the the whole background a picture from side to side and top to bottom...i can make the picture do that but when i do its for every page and not just the age i want it to be (my about page). So how do i make it to just my about page? I am novice I know somethings not close to be good.......Yet!

So a nice breakdown in layman terms would be great.

Wordpress I am using.....

Hello, Thank you for your question about specific page backgrounds. WordPress does not do this by default, but in researching the WordPress forums, someone mentioned the WP Backgrounds Lite. It is compatible up to WordPress 4.0.6 so I'm not sure if it will work with your current version. You can give it a try and see, however. Kindest Regards, Scott M