How should I use an external DNS with a shared account

  • Answered
Hi there -

We have a site on a shared plan at inMotion. Our client wants to keep using their external DNS with this new site. Normally, you'd just point an A-record at the IP listed in cPanel. However in the past it seems like our shared account's IP has changed. What's the right way to set this up so the site won't randomly drop out at some point in the future if our shared container's IP is refreshed?
Hello Greenelafmedia, The only way to make sure your account's IP address does not change is to get a dedicated IP which I believe is around ~$24/year. I do apologize for the IP changing in the past. Most of the time when this happens it is due to a DDoS attack and we change the IP to negate/shutdown the process. Best Regards, TJ Edens