Blank Backend - Joomla 3

  • Answered

I was able to login to the Joomla 3 Administrator website via www.mywebsite/administrator, but once it loaded, I was met with a blank page. I'm only able to see the header with the setting button. I did a check of the database through MySQL, but everything seems fine. I don't know what to do.

Thank you for your help!

Sorry to hear about your blank back office in Joomla. You will want to enable the error_reporting within your configuration.php file since you cannot see the setting in the back end. Below are the different settings you can set it to:

'default' or -1: uses defaults from php.ini for error reporting level and display_errors
'none' or 0: disables error reporting entirely (in error log and in web browser)
'simple': enables display_errors, displays only E_ERROR, E_WARNING and E_PARSE
'maximum': enables display_errors, displays messages from E_ALL category
'development': enables display_errors, displays all error messages (-1, since php 5.4 this is the same as 'maximum')

After you set it, let us know the error message you get and we may be able to assist you further.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M