php.ini file needed on my server

  • Answered
Hi there, may i ask you to add a php.ini file onto my server. I actually need it for my sub domain (pulic_html/henro) - do i need this file in the sub domain folder or is it fine in root?
and one more question, is it ok to delete the www folder as it is only a link to public_html ? or is this folder needed? thinking, lesser files on the server, lesser confusion. thank you very much! susie
Hello Inkisliquid, Thank you for contacting us about adding a php.ini file to your account. Since this is just our public forum, we cannot make any changes to your account. Please contact Live Support, and they will be happy to copy the default server php.ini to your account. You can then copy the php.ini file to whatever folder you need to modify the PHP settings for. If you need it to affect all child folders, you should make the php.ini recursive. Since the www folder is just a link to your public_html, it should be fine to remove it. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul