adding fedex to prestashop

  • Answered
I'm trying to add connect to fedex to prestashop. I'm using prestashop 1.6. Under the General Settings in Connect to Fedex, I have entered the Fedex account, meter number, password and authentication key provided from Fedex. I complete everything else on the page and when I hit the save button, I get "Error 1000:Authentication Failed". I have all the Fedex information entered correctly. Following Fedex instructions, I created a test account and have a test key. When I contacted Fedex, they said everything was correct except that I'm pointing to their production server instead of the test server. They said I needed to talk to my provider. My question is how do I point this to a test server? I don't see anywhere to select test or sandbox.
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about Adding Fedex to PrestaShop. An "Authentication" error usually means the username/password is incorrect. I honestly do not know what they mean when they are saying, you are "pointing to their production server instead of the test server." Since, when I looked through the settings I don't see anywhere to set this. We are happy to help you troubleshoot further, but will need some additional information. Have tried enabling error reporting in PrestaShop, before testing this? This may provide a more detailed error, and allow us to troubleshoot further. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul