mail issue with OpenCart

  • Answered
Mail was working ok in OpenCart, but it would not come up on iPads or iPhones. I installed the extension PHPmailer, and then nothing worked (order emails, or contact page). I uploaded the backup up SYSTEM and VQMOD folders from a few hours before i installed the extension. Still doesn't work.
I got it worked out. I had to go in and delete the files in the system and VQMod folder that the extension installed.

Sorry for the problems with the Mail issue that you're seeing. We do need a little information in order to help troubleshoot the issue. What version of OpenCart? What type of iPad? iOS version? Any error messsages? What steps are you taking (exactly) so that we can duplicate the problem.

Please provide more information and we would be happy to look further into it.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.