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Updating products from CSV in prestashop

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2013-04-30 3:53 am EST

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I have more then 1000 products in back office.
how do i update there prices from csv file?

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2013-04-30 11:37 am EST
Hello ilan316,

To change prices on your products, you will want to first export your products to a csv file. After that, open the csv file in with a program such as OpenOffice, Exel, or even a text editor such as notepad++ that can save the .csv format. Make your changes in the file and resave it. Last, return to your Prestashop and go to Advanced Parameters -> CSV Import, and import your file.

When doing so, be sure to only import the ID, Name (as it is required), and price fields you changed. Also, above each field is a dropdown. Be sure that field matches the column you are attempting to import. Also, be sure to exempt the first row of data if it has column names in it.

Click the Import button at the top and it should work fine.

I will update this response later with a link to an article for this task as I am currently writing one based on your question.

Best Regards,
Scott M

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I tried what you mentioned above , but instead of updating price i decided to update categories.
alltogh the CSV import showed every thing imported ok, it didnt worked well.
when i checked item Associations he unchecked all Associated categories and left it blank.

can you guess why?
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2013-06-30 12:35 pm EST
Hello ilan316,

When you mention that the CSV import showed everything had updated correctly, did it give you any sort of status message indicating this success?

We do have documentation regarding how to use CSV import for advanced parameters in PrestaShop up now.

Did you ensure the CSV file you were trying to upload was indeed one for categories, and that you also selected Categories from the What kind of Entity would you like to import? option?

It sounds like possibly either the wrong Entity has been selected and that's why you're not seeing the update, or that the Field separator is in use. Did you simply export your products from your PrestaShop admin, and then edit those? Or are you adding to them as well?

I believe PrestaShop has a limit of exporting 300 products at a time, so it might also have the same limit on importing them. I might suggest trying just a handful of products to import to see it works that way.

Please let us know if you're still having any issues at all.

- Jacob
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2013-07-01 4:14 pm EST
Yes i received a green message saying it was successful.

The Entity i choose was "products" - i already have in prestashop products and to few of them i needed to change there correct Associated categories with new ones.
the fildes i used are - ID , Name , Categoreis
those 3 fileds were enough to change products Associated categories only.

i made a test only for 1 product -
the results i received are - he removed the old Associated categories but didnt check the new ones - blank!

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2013-07-01 4:44 pm EST
Hello Ilan316,

Thanks for the question. It appears that you're still having problems with the import. If you have an account with us, it would help to get a URL for the domain in question so that we can investigate the issue at hand. If you want to handle this privately, then you may want contact our live support team. It would also help to know what specific version you're dealing with and be able to look at the actual data you're trying to import. Are you trying to import from one version to another? In order for us to troubleshoot this -since it appears you're doing the correct steps for the import, then we need further information. Please provide us this information and we can pursue the matter further. If you wish to provide us the CSV you're importing please email it to and put attention Community Support Team in the Subject. Also please leave a comment here so that we know to find the file and review it.

Thanks for your patience!. As soon we can get a look at the information, we would be happy to troubleshoot the matter further.

Arnel C.
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2013-07-01 5:52 pm EST
Sorry, i don't have account here.

i'm using prestashop,
i'm not trying to import from one version to another, i'm only trying to update a category to a certain item using the csv import file.

Sent mail to
Please review

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2013-07-02 2:52 am EST
Hello Ilan316,

Thanks for your patience! I got your files - I appreciate the screenshots and the sample file! If you were trying to update categories, then your import should only involve the categories - not the product. For me when it updates, I'm seeing the category listed and the default category is set to HOME. I don't believe that it will automatically associate the category for you, so you would actually have to set that relationship in the associations section. If you're looking for a different behavior for the import, please explain what you are expecting to see. We may need to consult with the PrestaShop development team for further action on this issue, but let's make sure that we are both understanding what you're trying to do.

Arnel C.
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2013-07-02 12:42 pm EST
Arnel , i'm not trying to update/add categories.
i'm trying to update item category.
there's a difference.

As you see in the screenshot, curently the item isn't Associated with a category.
In the CSV i'm trying to update the item to be a Associated with a certain categories as you see in field C

very simple!

To import new products to prestashop with CSV you need to choose products Entity - and upload the file.

the same way i should be able to update items that are already in the shop.
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2013-07-02 12:58 pm EST



2013-09-11 7:25 am EST
You need a module to update prices using CSV file. We are the pioneers to develop the first module which allows to update prices using CSV file and one can give multiple prices to one product as well.

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