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  • hi

    my domain had expired and i need to renew it how i could to be able to do this without change domain name

    thank you 


    • This appears to be a phishing email, I do not recommend following links from emails of this nature.

      Since this is a public forum I have marked out your account specific information.

      Thank you,

    • Hello And Thanks All friends
      I do not know English I am writing and asking for by Google Translator
      I am more angry than others to understand the concepts and to respond later than others. Overall, good luck., and this makes me even better.

  • I received the following notice, as it seems to come from Gmail – is this fraud or real?

    illegal activities noticed on bruce@supply******.net

    Due to various unsecured activities noticed on bruce@supply******.net we have temporarily placed your incoming messages on hold, until your mail is verified.

    Protect below if you are not sure.


  • Hi, I have my Launch Offer already for few years and would like to upgrade to the Power offer, how does the payment goes? if I already paid for the year of Launch offer? Do I get refunded the Launch Offer and get charged the New Power Option?

    Kindly let me know,



    • Hello Shane,

      You will need to speak with our Customer Service team in order to resolve any refund issues. You can find their contact information at the bottom of the page.

    • I accidentally let my domain lapse. After I renewed it, everything works fine except that my feed is not recognized by MailChimp. Feed validators tell me it’s fine. I’ve even tried opening a completely new MailChimp account. The same thing happens. MailChimp’s support says I should contact the host. Is there anything I can do to reset or refresh the feed?

    • We are happy to help you troubleshoot further, but will need some additional information. How are you setting up your domain in MailChimp to pull your feed? Are you using a WordPress plugin?

      Thank you,

    • I received this email from Google
      Social engineering content detected on http://shoestring-sailing[.]com/
      To: Webmaster of http://shoestring-sailing[.]com/,
      Google’s Safe Browsing systems have detected that some pages on your site might be hacked or might include third-party resources such as ads that are designed to trick users into installing malicious software or giving up sensitive information. To protect your site’s visitors, your site has been demoted in Google’s search results and browsers such as Google Chrome now display a warning when users visit your site.
      I believe that you know about this issue and have maybe resolved it. Please advise…

    • Cannot change dns information on Inmotion amp panel. Anyone else have this issue? I do not have a hosting account with Inmotion, but my domain name is registered with them

    • We do not offer domain only DNS services. You can point your domain to another host where you manage individual DNS records. Without hosting, the only thing you can so is point the domain.

    • i just got my reseller account and installed whmcs on the wrong do main, so i dealetd th installation to put it on the right on but it wont let me use the licsense again

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