New Domains: Addon, Parked, and Subdomains

In this tutorial we will discuss the various types of domains that can be added on your cPanel account. By the end of the article, you will know the difference between add-on, parked, and subdomains. If you have recently purchased a new domain name and wish to host it on your account you will need to add it to the cPanel as an add-on or parked domain. 

What do I Choose?

First, you will need to make a few decisions. Will this new domain name have its own website, completely separate from your primary or main domain on your account? If so, then you will need to add it as an addon domain. Addon domains are completely independent websites from other domains that may be on your account.

If your new domain is going to show the same exact website as your primary domain, then you will add it as a parked domain. Parked domains will display the same website as your primary domain. 

What is an Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a separate domain and site entirely. Instead of being a domain within another domain, it’s just a separate domain completely with its own directory, code, and file structure. If your main domain name is and you want another domain name, you would add it as an add-on within cPanel. 

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain allows you to add a domain to your account but display the primary domain’s website. This is not the same as a redirect. Let’s say you have two domains – &

If is your primary domain and you were to add as the add-on it would look exactly the same as The only difference is the URL being displayed. Consequently, this is the difference between a re-direct and a parked domain. Redirects will change the URL to the re-directed page, whereas a parked domain will not. The downside is that security certificates like SSLs do not always work correctly with parked domains. 

What is a Subdomain?

Have you ever visited a website that had a dot (.) separating the URL in the browser? Let’s say you have a mobile website, just for your business customers on a mobile device. If your main domain is you may set up a subdomain This is a subdomain: a domain within a domain. It’s treated like a separate website but uses the main domain’s URL as in our example. Subdomains can have entirely different site code and content from domain they are connected to.

cPanel Domain Management

cPanel provides all the tools needed for domain management. You can read more in our cPanel Education Channel.

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