Free Website Tools

This page lists various tools that we have available to help you in various troubleshooting tasks.

Blacklist Check
Our online blacklist checker searches a collection of blacklists and reports back whether your domain / IP is listed in any of those blacklists.

Email Configuration
Are you looking to setup your email in Outlook or another email client? This tool will provide all the settings you’ll need for setup.

Where is my domain name routing?
Our online domain routing tool draws a picture for you and shows which nameservers your domain name is pointing to and where each of those nameservers is routing your webmail and email traffic.

Favicon Generator
Using InMotion Hosting’s Favicon generator you can easily convert any image into a favicon. Simply upload your image and let us do the rest of the conversion process! We’ll create a standard favicon, and we’ll also create an Apple Touch Icon.

Bounce Back Parser
Our new bounce back parser analyzes your bounce back message and tries to offer a few suggestions on what you can do to resolve the email delivery problem you are having.