Billing with InMotion Hosting

Billing for all InMotion Hosting accounts is done within your AMP,  which controls all billing related items associated with your InMotion Hosting account.

Billing for all InMotion Hosting accounts is done within your AMP (Account Management Panel), which controls all billing-related items associated with your hosting account.

Within your AMP you are able to completely manage your account. You will be able to complete tasks like renewing or upgrading your hosting account, registering a new domain name, as well as viewing and printing invoices. 

Overall, AMP helps you manage all the billing-related items on your account.

It is a one stop shop for your billing, financial, and server information.  

Billing Basics Guides

Guides to Manage Your Hosting Account

At some point, your hosting needs may change. Whether you need more or less resources, would like to change or add a new plan, or even close out your hosting account, it can all be handled with AMP.

cPanel Licenses and Pricing Guides

cPanel, often referred to as control panel, is the interface used for making changes to and customizing your hosting account with InMotion Hosting. 

In 2020, cPanel changed its pricing and licensing structure. The below articles are helpful for clarity around those changes. 

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We recommend watching our video on How to Access Your Billing Information in the Account Management Panel.