How to Purchase cPanel Licenses in AMP

In 2019, managed VPS and dedicated server hosting pricing changed due to cPanel’s new pricing structure. The biggest take-away is the additional costs for customers with more than five cPanel accounts.

It is possible to consolidate cPanel accounts in Web Host Manager (WHM). But for those who need more than five cPanel accounts, you can purchase additional cPanel licenses in Account Management Panel (AMP).

Purchase cPanel Licenses

cPanel license purchase options in AMP
  1. Log into AMP
  2. Select Marketplace
  3. Select cPanel/WHM Licensing
  4. Select a domain that needs cPanel licenses under for Subscription

    Below the domain, you’ll see how many cPanels the current subscription uses.

  5. Select an option
  6. Select Add to Cart

Once you’re done adding products to your cart, you can visit your cart to complete your purchase. You can view and print invoices in AMP any time.

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