How to change ownership of your InMotion Hosting account

There are times when you may need to change the ownership or administrative information of your hosting account to another person. This is more common with businesses as they may need to change who controls the information when someone leaves the company. It is also common if someone decides to sell their website and includes the hosting account as part of the deal.

While there is not a specific order in which you need to change the information, you do need to be sure to change several different things. Below is a quick guide on the information you want to pay attention to when changing account ownership

Domain WhoIs information

Domain names have a lot of different information related to them. There are four distinct contact points and a single owner. The first thing you want to ensure is that the contact information for the domain is changed. Note that this information does not change the registered owner of the domain, this cannot be done via the Account Management Panel.)

How to change your domain’s WHOIS information in AMP

Domain name ownership

The domain name’s legal owner, known as the registrant can only be changed by the InMotion Support Department. You will need to submit a request directly to the Live Support Department to have this completed.

How To Contact Technical Support

Credit card, primary email address, & contact information

You will certainly need to change the credit card information to the new owner, or at least remove your own card so the new owner can enter their new information. Also, be sure to change all the contact information for the account. There is only room for one person in the information, so be sure to change it to the person most likely to be dealing with the account. The primary email address is especially important. This is the email address used to log into the AMP (Account Management Panel), so ensure that the primary email address belongs to the person most likely to manage the account.

How to Update your Billing and Contact Information

cPanel and AMP passwords

Although the new owner will likely change the cPanel password once they have taken over, it is a good idea to change the cPanel and AMP passwords to a temporary one. This is because most people tend to use a password for multiple things so there is no reason to risk a security compromise here.

How to Change your cPanel Password
How to change your AMP Password

Once you have completed the steps above, you will have successfully changed ownership of your InMotion hosting account!

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