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If you are using the updated version of cPanel, then you will see Aliases in place of Parked domain in the Domain section. They are same thing, but simply named with a different term. In the tutorial below you can replace the term "parked domain" with "alias".

Parked domains are used to point the new domain name to a different domain. To give an example, if we have "" and we want "" to display the same website, we'd set it up as a parked domain or alias.

Adding a Parked Domain to cPanel:

  1. Login to cpanel.
  2. Under Domains click the Parked Domains or Aliases button.
  3. Enter the domain name you want to add, in the Create a New Parked Domain or Create a New Alias section. Then click the Add Domain button.

    You will then see a message stating: "The parked domain has been successfully created for you."

It can take up to 24 hours for a Parked domain to show up on the web, or propagate.

Please check the next article on Creating a Subdomain in cPanel. If you missed our previous article, please see the Adding an Add-on Domain in cPanel tutorial. For more information on this course please visit Managing your Domains in cPanel.

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n/a Points
2018-04-08 4:38 pm

Is there a way to park a doman to a specific page on my site? I bought a domain for a specific purpose but it would be easier to have it point to a page outside the main landing page. Tahnk you! 

42,943 Points
2018-04-09 9:17 am
Yes it is possible to point to a page under the domain name. When you create the parked domain in cPanel (now called ALIAS), then you will see the option to add a URL. You can specify the URL a that point.
n/a Points
2017-08-26 2:20 pm

I have a Multisite wordpress. And I parked to show content from is working fine. But the URL in the browser is instead of as I want... At the moment it is the same as a redirection. Can I keep the url of I jsut bougth the domainB maybe the dns didnt propagate yet?Or do I have to doo something else?Thank you

2017-07-28 1:05 am
When I create an alias it offers an option to then redirect, which seems to work at HTTP level. Does it mean emails will not be properly redirected for alias domains? I feel like you guys need to write up a better article on parked vs redirected domains and how it works for HTTP, FTP, and SMTP.
13,821 Points
2017-07-28 7:25 am
Emails are not redirected for a redirect. You are correct, redirects happen at the HTTP level. Parked domains do not work with FTP since they are just an alias. You can set up emails for an alias or parked domain.
2017-07-28 1:03 am
Also what's the difference between Aliases and Redirects options?
13,821 Points
2017-07-28 7:21 am
An alias displays the primary domains website on the new domain name (parked domain) while a redirect redirects the traffice from the new domain to the old domain.
2017-07-28 1:02 am
Is the "parked" alias domain always pointing to the primary domain?
13,821 Points
2017-07-28 7:20 am
Yes, the parked domain points to the primary domain.
n/a Points
2017-07-18 5:35 am

Parked domains are used to point the new domain name to a different domain. To give an example, if we have "" and we want "" to display the same website, we'd set it up as a parked domain or alias.

In the above statement which of the domains is refered to as "it"?

13,821 Points
2017-07-18 7:51 am is the "parked" domain or "it" referenced in the article.
n/a Points
2017-04-21 6:43 pm

How would I change an add-on domain to an alias/parked domain? I already have this one redirected to a new domain but I would like to take it off of my count of domains.

43,761 Points
2017-04-24 1:27 pm
First, you need to remove it from the add-on list. After that, just perform the steps above.
n/a Points
2017-02-03 1:41 pm

Is there a way to use Aliases but not change the URL name. For example, I have two domains. is the companies full website site information. However they have another domain setup. But it is just a name to redirect to

Is there a way to do this and keep in the URL bar?

2,858 Points
2017-02-03 2:28 pm
Patrick, you should be able to do that by <a href="">using a custom .htaccess rule</a> for
n/a Points
2016-05-10 9:06 pm

In the most recent version of cpanel "parked domains" are now referred to as Aliases.  Please update this post as this is very confusing.

42,943 Points
2016-05-11 11:00 am

The terms have been noted in the article above. We still have not changed to the new version of cPanel on all of our hosting servers, so this article will remain until the changes have been implemented completely. I have added a note to the article to help clarify the issue.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
n/a Points
2016-04-05 2:43 pm


 I can't find  the Parked Domains button. in my  cpanel account's DOMAINS panel ?

Do i need to pay for the parked domain? e.g my domain name and i want to add , etc ... 


31,595 Points
2016-04-05 4:04 pm
Hello Nina,

Thank you for contacting us. If you are not seeing the "Parked Domains" button in your cPanel, I recommend contacting Live Support.

Yes, since " ," are separate domains, they must be purchased/registered.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2016-03-11 5:50 pm

very useful


n/a Points
2015-08-03 7:41 am

good. thank you.

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