Purchasing Addons & Upgrades From InMotion Central

Learn How to Purchase Addons & Upgrades From InMotion Central

InMotion Central includes many tools for building and managing your WordPress websites, but you can take it to the next level with addons and upgrades such as Total Upkeep Premium, Crio Premium SuperTheme, or Post and Page Builder Premium.

This guide will show you how to purchase addons and upgrades from InMotion Central so you can unlock additional features, tools, and environments to help you customize, manage, and test your site.

How To Purchase Addons & Upgrades

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project you want to work with and click The Bridge button.
    Accessing The Bridge
  3. Click Upgrades then Addons in the navigation menu.
    Accessing the Addons Page

    You will then see a list of available addons and upgrades that will include the following:

    Premium Connect Key – This will upgrade your existing connect key and unlock features such as premium blocks, remote backup storage, automated site speed tests, and single file restorations.

    Crio Premium SuperTheme – Crio SuperTheme is a highly customizable theme that makes it easy to control the design of your website. Upgrading to Premium adds over 200 more website controls that you can use in the Customizer. This lets you quickly edit every aspect of your site right from the dashboard.

    Total Upkeep Premium – Total Upkeep is a popular plugin for backing up or migrating your WordPress site. Upgrade to Premium and gain access to premium support, remote storage options such as Amazon S3 and Google Drive, single file restorations, and more.

    Post and Page Builder Premium – The Page and Post builder is a visual-based editor that can help you quickly build custom websites. Upgrade to get premium tech support, sliders, blog widgets, and access to Premium BoldGrid Blocks.

    Playground Environments – To purchase playground environments, click the Playgrounds link on the main menu. Playground environments are like sandboxes where you can create completely separate websites. Preview and test multiple instances of your sites and simply delete or publish them when you’re done. Here you can purchase more playground environments so you can test as many websites at the same time as you need to.
  4. Click the Choose Package button for the addon or upgrade you want to purchase. After clicking this you will see the available packages along with the price.
    Choosing Addon Package to Purchase
  5. Click the Select button to choose the package you want to buy. You will then be taken to the billing page where you can complete the purchase.
    Selecting Addon Option
  6. If you already have a credit card in your account you can select it, or enter your billing address and credit card details now.
  7. Agree to the terms of service, and click Submit Order. You are finished when you see a “Purchase Complete” message. You can scroll down to view the invoice or click the My Purchases link to view all of your receipts.
    Submit Order For Addon

Congratulations, now you know how to purchase Addons & Upgrades from InMotion Central.

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