Crio – Premium SuperTheme

The free version of Crio SuperTheme is already a powerful way to build a custom website. But, when you purchase the Premium version, also known as Crio Pro, from InMotion Central it unlocks even more customization options such as white labeling and custom headers/footers.

In this guide, we’ll explain what’s included with Crio Premium SuperTheme and how to purchase it from InMotion Central.

What is Included with Crio Premium SuperTheme?

200 More Customizer Controls

Crio Pro gives you access to over 200 more controls in the Customizer, giving you the ability to make even more adjustments from the WordPress Dashboard. With over 500 total customizer options, this is a great way to further modify your websites and make it stand out from the crowd.

Sticky Headers

A sticky header will display in a fixed position on the top of the page, so when a visitor scrolls down it will still display. This can help them navigate the site easier and can also keep your branding displayed in a prominent location on the page at all times.

Custom Page Headers/Footers

With the free version of Crio SuperTheme you can use a custom header or footer, but the same one will display on every page or post. Crio Pro allows you to further customize headers and footers with the ability to create custom page templates. This means you can build custom headers that are specific to each page based on your needs.

For example, you can create a header for pages that displays a large company logo and then make a separate header for your posts that is smaller and built specifically for your blog. This adds a custom touch and can help visitors differentiate between different areas of your WordPress site.

How to Purchase & Download Crio Premium SuperTheme

Now that you know the value of upgrading to the Premium version of the Crio SuperTheme we’ll show you how to purchase and download it.

How to Purchase Crio Premium SuperTheme

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project you want to work with and click The Bridge button.
    Accessing The Bridge
  3. Click Upgrades then Addons in the navigation menu.
    Accessing the List of Addons
  4. Under Crio – Premium SuperTheme click the Choose Package button.
    Choosing your Crio Premium SuperTheme Package
  5. Click the Select button for Crio SuperTheme or Crio + Premium Connect Key.
  6. You can then select a credit card on file or enter your billing information. You will see your cart and total price listed on the right.
  7. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service.
  8. Click the Submit Order button. You will then see a Purchase Complete message and you can scroll down to view your invoice.

How to Download Crio Premium SuperTheme

Now that your purchase is complete, you can download the premium theme and manually install it.

  1. Click the Projects link in InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project you purchased Post and Page Builder Premium for and click The Bridge button.
  3. If you have multiple environments, you may have to click Environment and choose the one you are working with.
    Selecting Server Environment
  4. Click Upgrades then Addons in the menu.
    Accessing the List of Addons
  5. Scroll down to the Crio – Premium SuperTheme section and click the Download Plugin and Download Premium Extension links to save the files. Downloading the Crio Premium SuperTheme
  6. You can then Install the WordPress Theme and Extension Manually.

Congratulations, now you know what Crio Premium SuperTheme is and how to purchase and download it. We recommend visiting the official Crio SuperTheme Product Guide to learn how to build and customize your websites.

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