How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

Using the PHP.INI File Using the .htaccess File Using the WP-CONFIG.PHP or FUNCTIONS.PHP Using the Increase Max Upload Filesize Plugin Do you want to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress? Are you getting “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” errors when uploading files via media uploader, or when installing plugins Read More >

Which WordPress plugins are best for eCommerce?

In this article:  Factors To Consider With eCommerce WordPress Plugins Top eCommerce Plugins For Your Small Business Website When you’re in the beginning phases of starting your eCommerce business, deciding on the appropriate platform is one of the first steps to take. A common mistake business owners make is not spending enough time researching the Read More >

4 Plugins To Add a Favicon To WordPress

Favicons are the small iconic images seen next to a website’s name in the browser tab. They are an important part of the web browsing experience because they attach a symbol to your website — allowing end-users to quickly recognize your site as they browse. Favicons are also present in browser bookmark lists, feed aggregators, Read More >

Is VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting Right for Your WordPress Site?

One of the most common questions a business owner has revolves around which WordPress website hosting type is right for them. You want to be cost-conscious, but still have the bandwidth and operating power needed to run your website efficiently. This often brings up the comparison between Shared Hosting and Managed VPS Hosting. The good Read More >

Which WordPress Themes Are Best For VPS Accounts?

VPS hosting is often considered to be both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It allows users to operate multiple virtualized systems on one machine, which provides a great amount of flexibility. When it comes to choosing the best WordPress theme for VPS accounts, premium themes are usually the top option. One of the main reasons Read More >

What Are the Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Owners?

WordPress is a great content management system, or CMS, to build your website with. But sometimes, you might wish to get more out of your website, from efficiency (like security scanning) to productivity (like SEO alerts as you write new content). Using WordPress for your business website gives you the ability to use plugins. These Read More >