Understanding Bare Metal Hosting

When attempting to determine which type of server is best for your needs, you may find yourself looking for a hosting solution that simply provides the hardware and allows you to install whichever operating system you prefer. Instead of purchasing a pre-configured CentOS server with cPanel and WHM already installed, Bare Metal Hosting offers you Read More >

How cPanel Pricing affects Managed Dedicated Server Management

cPanel introduced account-based pricing in June 2019. This changed cPanel’s pricing and licensing structure from allowing unlimited cPanel accounts to a usage-based model. This pricing affects all web hosting providers and consumers using cPanel. Simply put, cPanel costs now increase based on your number of cPanel accounts. This and related changes affect our processes for Read More >

WordPress Stack Optimization Guide: Tuning for VPS & Dedicated Servers

In this article, we walk through the process of tuning your VPS or Dedicated Server for the best performance on our WordPress Optimized or PHP-FPM stack. On our Managed WordPress Hosting platform, the server is managed by our system administrators, and tuned out-of-the-box for optimal performance for most users. However, some users or resellers may need the additional flexibility afforded by the VPS and Dedicated platforms.