How to Add PHP Modules on Dedicated Hosting

Note that you will require root access in order to use these directions.

When running a Dedicated server, you may need to add PHP Modules. This allows you to add more features or specific PHP modules as requested by users on your Dedicated server. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add PHP Modules to a Dedicated PHP Hosting server. This is done from the command line using EasyApache.

Adding PHP Modules on Dedicated Servers

  1. Log into your Dedicated Server via SSH as the “root” user.
  2. Run the following command in your shell instance:
  3. On the next screen choose ** DEFAULT **, then click Tab and choose Customize Profile.
    Dedicated Hosting Profile

  4. Choose your version of Apache, then click Next Step.
    Dedicated Apache Build

  5. Choose your version of PHP from the list, then click Next Step.
    PHP Version Selection

  6. You will see a (short) list of PHP modules, choose the ones you want to install (in my tests, I am selecting Mod Bandwidth). You can also click the Exhaustive Options List for more choices. Once you have made your selections, click Save and Build.
    Select PHP Modules for Dedicated

  7. A Confirm Build popup will come up and ask if you want to “Recompile Apache and PHP now?” Choose Yes.
    Recompiling Apache

  8. You will then see a warning about terminating the build process, read through and choose I Understand
    Acknowledge Dedicated Server update
    Allow some time for the build to complete. The time frame will differ based on the specific PHP Modules you are adding. You are finished when you see a Build Complete. Done executing message.
    Build Completed

Congratulations, now you know how to Add PHP Modules to a Dedicated server! If you are looking for an affordable Dedicated Server plan, we offer world class support for Dedicated Server packages.

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