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The Account Management Panel (AMP) is the main interface for your account with InMotion Hosting. AMP includes your billing, contact, and hosting services information for your VPS or dedicated server. You can also use AMP to view, change or remove services. Below are brief descriptions of each section in AMP and its most common uses.

Manage My Account Section

Manage my account

Here you can view your current billing and contact information. You can also view a history of your purchases and payments as well as make payments or update your billing information. Each item is described in the table below.

Update Credit CardAllows you to update the credit card used for your billing payments
Reset PasswordAllows you to reset your Account Management Panel (AMP) password
Register DomainUse this option to register a domain through InMotion Hosting
Transfer DomainProvides information on transferring a domain to InMotion Hosting
Contact InformationView or modify your contact information for the account
Pay BillPay bill items in your account
Purchase Additional HostingAdd additional hosting accounts

Tools for your Server in AMP

AMP options for dedicated hosting server

There are many tools available in AMP from the cPanel Reset Password tool to the Website transfer request form. The table below describes each option.

cPanelLink to cPanel
Reset PasswordReset cPanel option
WHMLink to Web Host Manager (WHM)
Account Technical DetailsProvides technical details for the account
EmailLink to email options for the account
Download BoldGridProvides a link where you download the BoldGrid plug-in for WordPress
Purchase SoftaculousProvides the option to purchase a license for the application installer Softaculous
Purchase SSL CertificateProvides option to purchase SSL certificate
Simple CSR Request for 3rd party SSLProvides option to request CSR for 3rd party SSL certificates
Change Hosting Plan/TermOption to allow account owner to change hosting plan or term
Data Restoration RequestProvides a request to perform a restoration of your data from a backup
Request Root AccessProvides a form to request root access
DNS Zone EditorProvides a link to the DNS zone editor for the account
Website Transfer RequestProvides a link to options for requesting a Website Transfer

Logging into WHM through AMP

While logged into AMP, you have the opportunity to log into WHM through a shortcut. However, if you require root access to use some of the options in WHM, then you should log into WHM through the URL using the root user.

  1. Log into Account Management Panel (AMP) using this link:
  2. Login to WHM

    Find the icon labeled WHM and click on it.

  3. Typically, it will log you into WHM directly, but you may need to fill in the username and password

Since you have completed the overview of AMP, now you should have a better understanding of the options available to you in managing your account. If you require further information, please see our Dedicated Server Product Guide.

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