Beware: UCEPROTECT RBL Email Scam

Learn about the UCEPROTECT RBL Email Scam

It has come to our attention that a UCEPROTECT Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) scam is generating false positives on blacklist checker tools. In our investigations, we have confirmed that this is not affecting the ability to transmit emails.

If this were an accurate RBL listing, you would receive a “bounceback” or returned email that includes an error message stating that you are blacklisted. You can then use this bounceback email to narrow down the specific cause of the issue further.

In this guide we’ll explain what this UCEPROTECT RBL scam is and what to do if you do receive a bounceback email.

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RBL lists, sometimes called a DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL),  are used by most email servers to help identify IP addresses that are known for sending spam. It is meant to be a database of servers that have been reported by email users. Using these crowd-sourced lists can help reduce the amount of spam emails that are allowed to be delivered to your users. 

For example, InMotion Hosting utilizes an RBL Checker for DNS Blacklisting since it is an industry standard. We rely on these lists for accurate information and most of the time they are correct.

Recently, an RBL provider called UCEPROTECT has incorrectly blacklisted a very large number of IP ranges. This has also been confirmed by major security and anti-spam service providers such as Sucuri. In the Sucuri investigation, an IP address was blacklisted for spamming even though it was not even a mail server. 

While it is not affecting email transmissions, it is causing many email servers to show up on a UCEPROTECT RBL list. Our System Administrators have verified that this is not causing any issues with delivering email to recipient servers. If your mail IP address is blacklisted, it would result in a bounceback email.

Since this is a false listing, RBL or blacklisting reports from UCEPROTECT should be ignored. 

Did You Receive a Bounceback Email?

If you are listed on a valid RBL list, it will result in a bounceback email. If your email was not returned or bounced then you are not blacklisted.

In some cases, there may be a valid blacklisting. Typically, the bounceback email will state that you are blacklisted with an error message. Our bounceback parser tool can help you pull the error message from the headers of an email and help you determine the cause.

The Bounceback Parser tool will help you forward the details of valid blacklistings to our System Administrators. You can also reach out to our Live Support team for assistance.

If you are receiving a different error, the following guide goes over the common returned email messages and what they mean. This can help you narrow down the specific cause.

Now you know what the UCEPROTECT RBL Scam is, you can disregard any listings reported from them. For more helpful guides on topics like spam prevention, check out the Email section of our Support Center.

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