How to Set the Server Time Zone in WHM

At times, you may find the need to change the server’s time zone settings to reflect your timezone. This can be easily accomplished through WHM. If you’re not familiar with WHM please review our VPS/ Dedicated WHM article. 

Setting the Server TimeZone in WHM

  1. Log into WHM as root
  2. From the Main Screen go to “Server Configuration
  3. whm_1

  4. Click on “Server Time
  5. whm_2

  6. From the dropdown menu, select the time zone you wish to change the server to.
  7. whm_3

  8. If you have noticed your server time is out of sync you can select the “Sync Time with Time Server” option. If your server is configured correctly this should rarely need to be done. This will resynchronize your server with the Time Server to display the correct time for the time zone you have selected.
  9. whm_4

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our support department.

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8 thoughts on “How to Set the Server Time Zone in WHM

    1. You should be able to view the section as root by searching Server Time in the upper-left corner. You can login WHM easily via AMP by selecting Root WHM. There you can also enable or reset the root user password.

  1. Has “server time” to be set to the place where the server is (i.e. if the server is in New York the time of NY, if in California the time of CA), or it can be set to any time we like?


    1. The server observes whatever the actual time is in the location you set it to. Yes, it will abide by DST if the timezone you set it to observes DST.

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