Using the IP Ban Option in PHP-Nuke

There are occasions when you require that you keep specific people from accessing your website by banning their IP addresses.  Fortunately, there is a built-in option to ban IP addresses within the Administration interface called IP Ban.  They following article explains how to use the IP Ban option.  

Banning IP Addresses using the IP Ban Option in PHP-Nuke Administration

  1. Login to the PHP-Nuke Administration back end interface.
  2. Icon for accessing the IP Ban option in PHP-Nuke Admin

    Click on the icon labeled IP BAN.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see the area titled IP Ban System.  Note that you will need to know that IP address that you wish to ban.  This prevents that IP address from accessing your website.  As per the instructions, please take care when using the * (wildcard) symbol.  It is used to in the last field for entering  a range of IP addresses.
  4. Click the BAN THIS IP button after you made your entry.

That completes the tutorial on using the IP BAN System built-in to Cpanel. However, there are also other ways to ban IP addresses. Cpanel includes the option called IP DENY MANAGER. You can also go to this article: Restrict IP Addresses Using the .htaccess file or Cpanel.  Additionally, if you need to block a specific country from accessing your site, then use the article for How to Block a Country’s IP Range in HTACCESS.
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2 thoughts on “Using the IP Ban Option in PHP-Nuke

  1. But this only applies to the account domain, not any addon domains, correct?

    If so, how do you block IPs from both individual addon domains, and ALSO how do you block them from all domains on an account?

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