Removing Modules from the Menu PHP-Nuke

Modules make up a good deal of the functionality built into the PHP-Nuke content management system. The following article explains how to remove modules so that they are no longer part of the front end menu. Certain modules can be assigned for viewing, so that they may be visible to some while invisible to others. Administrators can also de-activate modules so that they are not available to anyone. The following article explains the various ways to deactivate or remove modules from the front end using the PHP-Nuke Administration back end interface.

Deleting Modules from Access in PHP-Nuke

  1. Login to the PHP-Nuke Administration Back-end interface as an administrator.
  2. Icon for Modules in PHP-Nuke Admin

    Click on MODULES icon. 

  3. Module List

    When you click on the MODULES icon you will see a table listing all of the available modules.  The table shows the following:

    TitleModule title
    Custom TitleFurther description of the module
    StatusStatus of module; active/inactive and if it is loaded in the home page
    Visible toWho can view the module
    GroupShows if module is assigned to a specific user group
    FunctionsEdit module, activate/de-activate module/put in home
  4. In order to remove a module from the front-end menu, go to the FUNCTIONS column of the table and click on middle icon.

    Active Icon = Icon shows that module is active

    Inactive Icon =  Icon shows module is inactive.

  5. Options available when editing module

    Click on the first icon to EDIT the module. Depending on the module, this will allow you change who can view the icon, and also determine if the module visible in the menu or not.  

  6. Click on the drop-down menu labeled “Who can view this?”  This will allow you to select who can view the module:  All Visitors, Registered Users only, Administrators only, or Subscribed users.  Select the one that best applies to the module you are editing.
  7. Next, click on either YES or NO for the “Visible in Modules Block?” option.  If you select NO, then the module will not be visible in the menu.
  8. Click on SAVE CHANGES at the bottom to save your selections.
Removing MODULE functionality from user availability can be an important need depending on your website requirements.  Use this option wisely, and you can provide a functional site that is both easier to use and secure for your users.  Here’s an example of the menu in the front end of the website showing the availabale modules:

Modules visible in the menu


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