How to create a block in PHP-Nuke

In this article I’ll show you how you can create a new block in PHP-Nuke, this will allow you to add several different types of content to your website.

PHP-Nuke block types

In PHP-Nuke there are 3 different block types that can be used to display content on your website.

RSS/RDFThese blocks allow for information to be pulled in remotely from other sources and displayed on your website.
ContentA block of content simply allows you to enter in simple text or HTML to be displayed on your website.
FilesA file block allows you to execute a script such as grabbing information from the database to display on your website.

Creating a new block

Using the steps below I’ll walk you through creating a new Content block to display a text notice on our website.

  1. Login to your PHP-Nuke admin dashboard.
  2. click on blocks

    Click on the Blocks icon.

  3. fill out block info click on create block

    Scroll down the page till you see the Add a New Block section, then you can begin entering in content. In this case I’m naming my block Notice, and simply making it a Content block by just typing in some text of This is an important notice!.

    I’ve also set the Position to Right, and left all the other options at the defaults.

    You should see above the new block we’re creating, all the previous blocks and their positions, because we’re setting this new block’s Position to Right it is going to be the 8th block on the right side, as the Information block was already number 7.

    Finally click on Create Block at the bottom.

  4. display notice block

    Now if you go to your main PHP-Nuke site, you should see our new Notice block as the last block on the right-hand side.



p style=”clear: both;”>You should now understand what a block is in PHP-Nuke, and how you can add a new one to get extra information to display on your website.

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