How to change the theme in PHP-Nuke

Like most Content Management Systems (CMS), PHP-Nuke has the ability to switch themes in the PHP-Nuke Dashboard. This allows the webmaster to customize the sites Look and Feel. The following steps will tell you how to change the theme in your PHP-Nuke website

Changing the theme in PHP-Nuke

  1. Log into your PHP-Nuke Dashboard.
  2. Select preferences PHP-Nuke

    Click preferences in the Administration Menu.

  3. Select themes PHP-Nuke

    Select themes from the “Website Configuration“.

  4. Choose the thmeme to switch to PHP-Nuke

    From the “Default Theme for your site” drop box, select the theme you want to switch to. In this case we will switch to the 3D Fantasy Theme.

  5. Save the changes PHP-Nuke

    Save the changes.

    View of 3D Fantasy theme PHP-Nuke

    Now your PHP-Nuke website will show the new theme.

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