How to edit the footer in PHP-Nuke

When working with your PHP-Nuke site, you may decide to customize the footer area at the bottom of your webpages. It is very common to place a copyright or your business name in the footer. It can contain any information you wish to have displayed on all pages of your site. Below are the instructions for customizing your footer in PHP-nuke.

Modifying your footer in PHP-Nuke

  1. Log into your PHP-Nuke admin interface.
  2. From the admin screen, find the Preferences icon in the Administration Menu and click it.
  3. The screen will refresh and you will see a collection of Website Configuration links below the menus. Click on the Footer link.
  4. The footer editor will appear with three different sections, one for each footer line. From here you can enter or edit the data for each line of the footer.
  5. After entering your new footer information, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom. This will activate your new footer. Below is a before and after comparison of a footer edit.

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