Adding an Image to a Page in PHP-Nuke

In the last article in our PHP-Nuke Education Channel, we showed you how to make a page. In this tutorial we will show you how to add an Image to a page in PHP-Nuke.

It helps to have a basic understanding of HTML when completing this guide.

How to Add an Image to a Page

  1. Upload the image you want to add to the page using FTP. If you are not familiar with the directory structure, I recommend reading this article: What directory should I put my files in?
  2. In the folder you installed PHP-Nuke in, open the config.php file for editing.
    Look for 2 instances of: $AllowableHTML
    One will be commented out, and one will not be, we are going to switch these. Comment out the one that is not commented out, and un-Comment out the one that is commented out:
    view of allowable-HTML code in config file

  3. Login to the Admin Section for PHP-Nuke.
  4. Under the Modules Administration section click the Content button.
    clicking content button in PHP Nuke

  5. Under the Content Manager section, click the title of the page you want to add an image to. When the page loads, click the Edit link on the bottom.
  6. Now when you scroll down you will see the content field, click the HTML button. The Edit HTML Source window will pop up.
  7. In the window, insert the HTML code for adding the image you uploaded, it should look similar to this:

    <IMG SRC=””>

    adding the image code to the HTML source

  8. Click the Update button to save your changes. You will then see the image in your text field, click the Save Changes button on the bottom.
    You will then see the image on your page.
    view of picture inserted in PHP-Nuke

Congratulations, now you know how to add an image to your PHP-Nuke website!
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