Creating a newsletter in PHP-Nuke

When managing a site that has a number of users, it can be beneficial to send them a newsletter. This can be for new information, site updates, or whatever you desire. In PHP-Nuke, the user registration section has an setting where the member can opt-in to your newsletter. Below is a set of instructions on how to send a newsletter to your subscription list in the PHP-Nuke admin interface.

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  1. Log into your PHP-Nuke administative dashboard.
  2. click the newsletter icon

    Click on the Newsletter icon found in the Administration Menu.

  3. enter your newsletter content

    From here, the section below the menus will refresh with a blank newsletter template. Fill out your newsletter content and select whether you want to send the newsletter to either your subscribers or everyone. Once that is done, click on the Preview button to continue.

  4. send the newsletter to subscribers

    Once clicked, you will see basically the same page, but this time have a Send button at the bottom. Click that button to send off your newsletter. From there you will receive a success message on the screen indicating the newsletter was sent to your list.


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