How to Install PHP-Nuke with Softaculous

You can install PHP-Nuke through your Softaculous installer found in your cPanel Software/Services. The below steps will show you how to install PHP-Nuke through Softaculous.

Steps to install PHP-Nuke

  1. Login into your cPanel.
  2. Click the Softaculous icon in the Software / Services.
  3. Find PHP-Nuke in the list of Portals/CMS and click it.
  4. Install PHP-Nuke Softaculous

    Click Install towards the top right side.

  5. Settings PHP-Nuke Softaculous

    Enter the following set up information.

    – Choose Domain: Select your domain from the drop box
    – In Directory: Leave Blank
    – Admin Username: YOU MUST NAME THE ADMIN USERNAME God If you don’t the superuser privileges will not work.
    – Admin Password: Enter a password
    – Admin Email: Change this to a valid email address.

    Important! When you initially set up PHP-Nuke you will want to set the Admin Username and Real Name to God. If not you will not be able to edit anything that is set for superuser priviledges (Edit Amin password, etc.).

    Click Install.

  6. Status PHP-Nuke Softaculous

    You will see a status bar for the installation.

    Overview PHP-Nuke Softaculous

    Once the software is installed you will se a Congratulations, the software was installed successfully page.

    Click Return to Overview.

  7. Finished install PHP-Nuke Softaculous

    You will see the installation in the list of Current installations.

    Final View PHP-Nuke Softaculous

    Visit your website and you will see a new installation of PHP-Nuke.

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