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PHP-Nuke includes forums as part of its functionality, but it actually uses a separate forum program to provide this feature.  The forum application is called PHPBB.  The following article simply shows what you will see when you go to the forums section.  A link will be provided showing how to find the tutorial series from InMotion Hosting on using PHPBB forums.  

Using Forums in PHP-Nuke

Users clicking on FORUMS in the front-end menu of a PHP-Nuke website will see a form of the phpBB forums embedded in the interface.  The forum listing may appear like the following (this may vary based on the theme and with available content in the forums):

Shows how forums would appear in PHP-Nuke interface


Accessing Forums in the PHP-Nuke Back End

As per the introduction, Forumes are not managed in the PHP-Nuke interface.  The interface will jump to the PHPBB interface for managing forums.  The following steps shows what you will see when accessing forums in the PHP-Nuke Administration interface:
  1. Login to the PHP-Nuke Administration interface.
  2. Forums icon in the Administration menu

    Click on the FORUMS icon.

  3. PHPBB Forum management interface

    When you click on the FORUMS icon you will be immediately jumped to the PHPBB Forums interface.

IMH phpBB Tutorials

InMotion Hosting provides a full tutorial series on PHPBB FORUMS.  Click here to go to the phpBB Tutorials

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