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  • Hi,

    I have 2 WHM accounts at 2 different hosts. (Call them WHM1 and WHM2)

    One of the domains in WHM1 whose NS’s were pointed there was moved to WHM2 and NS’s pointed there.

    Problem is the domains original acct in WHM1 was not terminated.

    At the new location, WP was installed using installitron.


    When I try: i get a empty directory with only a cgi-bin folder.

    When I try: i get  a 404 page.

    Others AS WELL  AS TECH SUPPORT tell me the WP loads fine?

    I have tried different browsers, and different computers at different locations with same results.

    In addition i tried and was taken to 1 on 1 hosting page LOL

    I know that the domain should not be in both WHM’s and will terminate it but I am curious as to why I get the results I get and others go their fine.?

    Any ideaqs/suggestions appreciated


    • Hello Sam,

      It could be network caching on your system but what is the domain in question so we can troubleshoot a bit further.

      Best Regards,
      TJ Edens

  • Thanks for the excellent tutorial. This is exactly what I’d like to do. Is there a way to follow this with zero down time? Thanks.

    • Hello Steven,

      Thanks for the compliment and the question. As each cPanel account is directly related to an IP address even a duplicate of the server would probably not really provide a zero downtime solution. At this time, I’m not aware of any possible solution that would not require bringing the original account down.

      Arnel C.

  • In the last step, after modifying the domain, I’m asked if I want to create a new package or stick with vpn. Which option should I go with? It was suggested to me to stick with vpn, however it says that it is ‘not advised’. I just want to double check. Thanks! -Des

    • Hello Des,

      It would be easier to move all the other domains on the cPanel to another, leaving the one with the SSL on the original cPanel.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

    • Hello Des,

      If you have specific packages set up you can certainly choose one, but if not stick with the VPS package. It will not hurt anything especially if you are the only one on the server with that access.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  • So say the domain that I want to move to have it’s own cPanel has a security certifcate installed. What would the best way to do this be then? Thanks! -Des

  • Hi Paul,


    Plugins were giving a “permission” error, however when my provider turned them off I could acces the website and turn them on again.

    Very weird, I tried to set the set the FTP permission to 777 but that didn’t work.

    Anyways, thanks for your response 🙂

    • Hello Twitch,

      Thank you for contacting us today. I checked your website, and did not see any errors.

      Are you still having trouble at this time?

      If so, please provide more details on how to view the error, such as the steps you are taking.

      Thank you,

  • Just wondering why the email address wouldn’t be compromised?  I have email addresses set up with the original cPanel, but it doesn’t feel like I’m really moving them at any point during this tutorial.  Are they being moved when I copy the contents of the “mail” folder? I can see how the mail itself is being moved that way, but not the email accounts themselves. How does that work?



    • Hello Mike,

      When moving the etc folder, the email accounts themselves will be transferred to the new cPanel. This way there is no need to recreate them. The emails in the etc folder will also match the content in the mail folder so that each email gets the same data it had on the original cPanel.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  • Hi John,

    That was indeed the case. Anyways, great guide!!

    Helped a lot and your quick response was certainly a plus, thanks.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi John,

    So I have followed all the step but the website now shows an error page. Could you help me out here?


    kind regards,


    • Hello Mustafa,

      Thank you for your question. I went to the website you provided, and it is not showing an error. Are you still having problems with the site at this time?

      You may have to clear your browser cache, then revisit the site.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
      Thank you,


  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your quick response. 

    Let me sketch the situation I’m in:

    I have a VPS for my company and at the moment I have 1 Cpanel account with all my clients in it.

    This is good for the overview but bad for limiting their bandwidth, disk usage etc.

    So what I want to do is giving each of these addon domainnames a separate Cpanel. I’m following the guide now as we speak and I’ll let you know.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Mustafa,

      Thank you for your question. This should not have an effect on email, unless you have dedicated/separate IP addresses assigned to the cPanel accounts. In this case, you would have to allow up to 24 hours for the IP change to propagate.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
      Thank you,


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