cPanel Pricing and Dedicated Server Management

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cPanel introduced account-based pricing in June 2019. This changed cPanel’s pricing and licensing structure from allowing unlimited cPanel accounts to a usage-based model. The new cPanel pricing affects all web hosting providers and consumers using cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM). Simply put, cPanel costs now increase based on your number of cPanel accounts. This and related changes affect our processes for Dedicated Server Management.

These changes only affect cPanel-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting accounts – not Bare Metal, which excludes cPanel.

We want to be transparent with customers regarding billing changes. Here’s what you need to know about how the new cPanel license pricing affects Managed Dedicated Hosting.

How Much is cPanel Pricing?

Managed Dedicated server hosting plan subscriptions and invoices in your Account Management Panel (AMP) will now show separately from formally built-in fee of $25/monthly for 24/7 live server and cPanel management support.

This, along with our $30/mo reduction to better align with Bare Metal Hosting, sums up to a $10/monthly price increase if you have 100 cPanel accounts or fewer.

When Do Changes Take Effect?

You’ll receive pricing changes on your next renewal date after January 31, 2020. The price is subject to future changes.

Number of cPanel AccountsMonthly Fee
0-100Included (no fee)
Up to 150$20/mo
Up to 200$25/mo
Up to 250$30/mo
Additional 50 accounts (Up to 2000 total)+10/mo

How Can I Reduce Charges?

There are options depending on how many cPanel accounts you have (you can check this with the WHM “List Accounts” feature) and your experience:

We’re doing our best to reduce the impact on customers. But again, note that pricing is subject to future change. If you have any questions, see our cPanel pricing changes FAQs or contact our Live 24/7 Customer Service.

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