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In this article I'll show you how to install a Perl module on your cPanel account, which can extend the capabilities of your Perl scripts.

It's very common in programming for people to say don't reinvent the wheel, basically if something already exists and does a really good job at it, there is no need to rebuild it again from the ground up.

With the Perl programming language, there are what are called Perl modules, and these allow you to use already written code and functions in your own scripts very easily.

Install a Perl Module

Following the steps below, I'll walk you through how easy it is to install a Perl module on your cPanel account.

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Under the Software/Services section, click on Perl Modules.
  3. In the search box, type in the Perl module you're looking for, in this example I'm searching for Authen::SASL, then click on Go.
  4. On the next page it should display all of the Perl modules that matched your search, in this case I'd want to click on the Install button beside Authen::SASL (2.16) to install the module I was searching for.
  5. There will be some scrolling text on the page as the Perl module is being installed, when it's complete you should see a success message such as this:

    Successfully installed Authen-SASL-2.16
    1 distribution installed

That's all there is to it, you should now have successfully installed your required Perl module that you were searching for.

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2017-12-19 5:53 pm
In the "big picture" sense there seems to be no ready to go solution to connecting google recpatcha using inmotions NMS and I have not been able to get a PHP script to run forms on my, or my client websites. works fine on it's own, and googles recpatcha as a PHP file works on it's own but I don't know any way to connect the two.

This article ( only confused me further as links from the text on the support page don't seem to work (can't connect to a file that adds recpatcha options to so I'm trying to find some way I can use recpatcha on otherwise "Plain Jane" website forms within my VPS reseller services. I feel like this "shouldn't be so difficult" - hoping Inmotion can help simplify this for myself and others.

Also since the .pl script didn't appear when I looked at modules following instructions above I entered my comment here. Realizing this is more or as much about recpatcha I can begin a new support post or connect this to one more focused on recaptcha and NMS if that is a better way to handle it. Thanks!
3,820 Points
2017-12-19 7:14 pm
I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing issues with getting the script to run with Google reCAPTCHA. I was unable to find a way to explicitly tell you what needs to be done, as it seems updating the code is what is required. From the post you mention, it seems there are multiple lines of code that need to be added to that file, as well as a specific file for Google reCAPTCHA to work. I would advise reaching out to the developer of the script you are using for more in-depth coding support for their product. They may have insight what kind of environment is needed (PHP settings, PERL version, PHP components, etc) to ensure that it works on your InMotion server.
2017-12-20 4:42 pm
I'd be just as happy with "any" solution that combines recaptcha, formmail* and inMotion hosting. Any suggestions in that direction? I can't imagine I'm one of a few clients who has issues getting form spam.

*Formmail: any script that connects to send email as a form must and sends the sender to a success page. I'm fine with the inMotion but haven't been able to make that work with recaptcha. I did also post on a site about InMo NMS formmail and recaptcha but that's also leaving me quite confused.
2017-12-20 4:47 pm
... wish I could edit a comment here. That said, wanted you to know I have emailed the scripts author, as I'm not their "client" I can't count on getting help from them but we'll see, if they give me the tips I'll make sure to add to a support page so other inMo clients will know how to solve this impediment.
2017-12-19 9:51 am
I may be able to find my way through this but was also hoping for more explicit directions on loading the script. What I'm working on is loading a perl version of the google recaptcha to align with the inmotion . I've been struggling with this for a bit where the PHP version of the script looks so simple to implement but because of my limited exposure to PERL I'm finding the instructions confusing. We just need to simplify the method for preventing form spam from reaching our clients any suggestions in that direction are welcome but I think loading the perl version of recaptcha moves me in the right direction.
11,043 Points
2017-12-19 10:40 am
What specifically is the problem that you're having? Is there a problem with writing the script itself, like a syntax error or something similar? Or, is there a problem implementing the script within a certain application?
2017-12-19 7:07 pm
Let me know if I should make this a new post or thread it to something more specvifically about using the inmotion with google recaptcha.
42,943 Points
2017-12-20 5:02 pm
There was a comment about using the Google Recaptcha in a different post. The script should not be loaded in the PERL script. It should be placed in the HTML page where the code is referencing the form. If you place it there, then you will see the script work. We don't have an article that directly shows how to integrate Recaptcha, but you can see a good example of one here. If you continue to be confused on the issue, please let us know.

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