How to View Listening Ports with ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF)

Date: 09/20/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: View Listening Ports Related Tasks Whether you’re working toward PCI compliance or general server hardening, closing unneeded open ports is an important step for improved performance and security. WebHost Manager (WHM) has many security features available to help you achieve these goals. ConfigServer Security & Firewall Read More >

How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Have?

Date: 08/19/2019       2 Minutes to Read In this article: How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Have? Using WHM with Root Access Using WHM with Reseller Access How Many cPanel Accounts Do I Need? This article describes how to use Web Hosting Manager (WHM) to determine how many cPanel accounts you are using. Read More >

How to Consolidate and Remove cPanel Accounts in WHM

Date: 08/16/2019   2 Minutes to Read In this article: Merge cPanel Accounts Terminate cPanel Accounts These are the two most cost-effective ways to adjust to cPanel’s recent licensing changes. Many will decide that merging cPanel accounts and using addon domains is the most efficient method for managing multiple users and websites. There are many Read More >

How to Open a Terminal Connection in WHM

Do you need SSH access to the root account of your hosting server? You can securely manage your server with command line right from the Web Host Manager or WHM. This saves time by bypassing the graphical user interface (GUI) and letting you administrate the server directly. In this guide, we will show you how Read More >

How to Scan your Server with the cPanel Security Advisor

Are you looking for ways to make your server more secure? Your WHM includes a security advisor you can use to check your settings. In this guide, we will show you how to perform a cPanel Security Advisor scan from WHM. This helpful tool can check your VPS or Dedicated Hosting server for security issues Read More >

Changing the Email Contact for an Account in WHM

Every once in awhile, important contact information for a website that you are hosting on your VPS/Dedicated server needs to be changed. The primary contact information associated with an account is the email address. This is a quick and easy thing that you can do using the WHM interface for your account. Follow the directions Read More >

Configure the FTP Server in WHM

The FTP server that comes pre-packaged with VPS and Dedicated server host accounts is called Pure-FTPD. The description in WHM indicates that this FTP server can handle both normal and encrypted connections. The following article discusses the different options you can change to configure the FTP server behavior used in your VPS or Dedicated server Read More >