How to Add a New Server in WHMCS

You will need to add servers via the admin panel so that new accounts can be added and tracked in WHMCS. Follow along as we go over the basics of adding a server in the WHMC back end.

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Configuring a Server in WHMCS

  1. Log into the WHMCS admin dashboard.
  2. 01 click servers

    Hover over Setup -> Products/Services and click on Servers.

  3. 02 click add new

    From the server page, click on Add New Server.

  4. 03 name server

    On the New Server page, give it a name.

  5. 04 add host andip

    Now, fill in the IP and Hostname fields.

  6. 05 add nameservers

    Next, add the servers name server information.

  7. 06 set type and info

    Select the server type and enter the login information.

  8. 07 click save

    Once completed, click the Save button.

  9. 08 after

    OPTIONAL: Once the server is added to the list, click on the name to make it the default server (indicated by the asterisk).

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