How to limit the privileges a reseller has within WHM

There are quite a few different privileges you can allow a reseller to have. For example, you can limit the number of accounts they can create, allow/prevent them from restarting services on the server (such as apache), and more.

NOTE: This guide requires root access. Root access is included (at no extra charge) with our Dedicated Server, VPS, and Reseller VPS Hosting plans.

Modify Reseller Privileges

  1. Log into your WHM
  2. Click “Edit reseller privileges & nameservers” in the left menu, which is under the “Resellers” heading.
  3. Select the reseller you’d like to manage from the list and click “Submit”
  4. You’re now at the “Edit reseller privileges & nameservers” page in WHM. From here you can make the desired changed and click “Save All Settings” at the bottom of the page.


p class=”alert”>Please be aware that caution should be made when modifying reseller privileges. Giving too many privileges to a reseller can allow them to gain more access than you originally intended. For more details, we suggest reading the official WHM Documentation on this subject, which can be found here: Understanding Reseller Accounts

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