How to Configure Other Settings in WHMCS

At last, the Other tab will provide support for the remainder of the WHMCS configurations not available under specific categories. Here you can adjust contact preferences for clients and enable debugging for troubleshooting technical errors.

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin
  2. General Settings under Setup

    Hover over Setup and choose General Settings

  3. Other tab

    Choose the Other tab

  4. Fill in the settings:
    Admin Client Display Format:Select the client display format you want to use
    Client Dropdown Format:Select the client dropdown format you want to use
    Default to Client Area:Tick this box to skip the homepage and forward users directly to the client area/login form upon first visiting WHMCS
    Allow Client Registration:Tick this box to allow registration without ordering any products/services
    Optional Client Profile Fields:Tick any of the fields below to make them optional at signup time
    Locked Client Profile Fields:Select any fields below that you want to prevent clients being able to edit from the client area
    Client Details Change Notify:Tick this box to send an email notification to admins on user details change
    Marketing Opt-out:Tick to show newsletter opt-out option in client area
    Show Cancellation Link:Tick this box to show the cancellation request option in the client area for products
    Credit on Downgrade:Tick this box to provide a prorata refund to clients when downgrading for unused time
    Monthly Affiliate Reports:Tick this box to send Monthly Referrals Reports to Affiliates on the 1st of each month
    Banned Subdomain Prefixes:Enter Banned subdomain prefixes
    Display Errors:Tick to enable PHP Error Reporting (Not recommended for production use)
    SQL Debug Mode:Tick to enable logging of SQL Errors (Use only for testing purposes)
    Hooks Debug Mode:Tick to enable logging of Hook Calls (Use only for testing purposes)
  5. Blue Save Changes button

    Click Save Changes

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