How to Configure General Settings in WHMCS

In this article, we are going to show you how to access your General Settings so you can start to configure your basic options. This is the first tab under Setup in the backend of WHMCS. (These step will also apply if you use a Linux dedicated server.)

Finding Your General Settings Menu

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin
  2. General Settings under Setup

    Hover over Setup

  3. General Settings option

    Choose General Settings

  4. Fill in the settings:
    Company Name: Your Company Name as you want it to appear throughout the system
    Email Address: The default sender address used for emails sent by WHMCS
    Domain: The URL to your website homepage
    Logo URL: Enter your logo URL to display in email messages or leave blank for none
    Pay To Text: This text is displayed on the invoice as the Pay To details
    WHMCS System URL: URL of the WHMCS installation, eg.
    WHMCS SSL System URL: URL of the WHMCS installation for secure access, eg. (leave blank for no SSL)
    Template: Select the template you want to use for WHMCS
    Limit Activity Log: The number of activity log entries you wish to keep
    Records to Display per Page: List the number of log messages you want to display
    Maintenance Mode: Check the box to enable, prevents clients from making changes while site is under maintenance
    Maintenance Mode Message: Type the maintenance message you would like to display
    Maintenance Mode Redirect URL: If specified, redirects client area visitors to this URL when Maintenance Mode is enabled (you can leave this blank)
  5. Blue Save Changes button

    Click Save Changes

Now that you have gone through the General options you are ready to proceed to the Localisation tab.

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