Bypass firewalls with cPanel proxy subdomains

In this article I’m going to review connecting to your cPanel account’s various services, when there is a firewall on your computer or router not allowing a normal connection over the standard ports.

There are several default services that come with your hosting account, these operate over a different port than the standard port 80 that normal website traffic is relayed over. In some cases these additional ports are blocked from being accessed by your local computer or router’s firewall settings, this is especially very common if you’re in an office environment where you don’t control the firewall settings.

Below I’ll go over the default ports used to access cPanel, webmail, and WHM (Web Host Manager), and then I’ll also cover the proxy subdomains that you can use to access these services when your firewall is blocking their normal ports.

cPanel proxy subdomains

The following table shows the standard port that the various cPanel services operate under, as well as the secure port that they can use when accessing it over an SSL encrypted https:// connection. The proxy subdomain for each service will be a URL you can use to access the particular service over the standard port 80 that should be open in your firewall if you’re having issues accessing it otherwise.

Be sure to replace with your own domain name when using any of the cPanel proxies.

ServiceStandard portSecure portProxy subdomain
WHM (Only on VPS and dedicated servers)

You should now understand why you might be having issues trying to connect to various cPanel services with the default ports that they use on the server. Using the cPanel proxy domain examples you should be able to still access the particular service even behind a firewall that is blocking the standard ports.

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6 thoughts on “Bypass firewalls with cPanel proxy subdomains

    1. cPanel access is not created based on a subdomain. It will always be created based on the primary domain (or main domain) that is used when the cPanel account is created. If you are not the owner of the account, then you may not have access. If you are the owner/administrator, there are several ways you can still access cPanel. Please see How to Login to cPanel for more info.

  1. I work in a company that blocked ports 2095 and 2096. I need to use webmail (the provider is, and accesing through the proxy or, and in both cases I can access, but receiving the message “there is no website configured at this address”. What I can do?

    1. Hello Pedro,

      Thank you for your comment. Your host (justhost) will have to setup a cPanel proxy for webmail; which allows you to access webmail over port 80 (the standard internet port).

      This is setup by default on all of InMotion’s servers.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
      Thank you,


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