Thoughts on “How to Contact Customer Service

    • Hello Lenny,

      Unfortunately, we are unable to process this kind of request here. Please contact Customer Service via chat, phone call, or ticket with your account verification and they will be able to handle your request.

      I hope this helps!
      Carlos D.

  • I need to have my sub NOT renew at the end of this paid period. We had to move our sites to another service as PayPal did not find your servers compliant. The primary site is the email of record is info@********.net although I do not use that email any longer. Last 4 of the cc on file is ****. Let me know what else you might need.


    • Since this is just our public forum it is not safe to post your sensitive information. I have marked out
      your identifying information for your security. Sorry to learn you do not want to renew. Our servers easily meet Paypal’s requirements, as it has also been a requirement of Google Chrome browser’s for a while. If you still do not want to renew your account, please contact our Account and Billing team so they can assist you in a private setting.

      Thank you,

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