Private Domain Registration

ICANN domain transfer policies have changed as of 1 December 2016. Updates to whois information are considered a change of ownership and may warrant a 60-day transfer lock.

InMotion Hosting offers Domain Privacy for those who do not wish to have their contact information available in the WHOIS registry.

What is Domain Privacy?

Domain name Privacy is a service offered by InMotion hosting that protects your personal information from the information harvesting efforts of spammers, direct marketers, and even identity thieves.

How Domain Privacy Works

When a customer purchases domain privacy, we replace the public information records for the domain name with our own information. This includes email address, phone number, and physical address. The only thing we do not change is the Organization Name, as that is the legal owner of the domain. Below is a sample of how this data, known as WHOIS information, would be viewed both with and without Domain Privacy for a fictional John Doe. The ‘’ domain would be replaced by the appropriate domain in a real domain registration.

Data FieldWithout PrivacyWith Privacy
Organization NameJohn DoeJohn Doe
Contact NameJohn DoeDomain Administrator
Address Line 1123 Any Street360 N Pacific Coast Hwy
Address Line 2Apt 101Suite 1055
CityMetropolisEl Segundo
CountryUnited StatesUnited States
Phone Number+1.1111234567+1.8883214678
Email Address[email protected][email protected]

Domain Privacy FAQs

  • How much is the Domain Privacy feature?
    Currently, domain privacy can be added to a domain name for $12.99 per year per domain. For example, one domain is $12.99 per year, two domains are $25.98 per year, etc…
  • How do I get Domain Privacy for my domain?
    Current customers can use the ticket portal in AMP to submit a ticket, or call 757-416-6575 (for international customers).

    If you are a new customer and do not have an account with us, please contact sales at [email protected] or call the numbers listed above.

  • Why do you not change the Organization name?
    The Organization name is the legal owner of the domain. Keeping your name in the slot avoids any confusion over ownership of the domain name. This means by leaving your name in the Organization Name spot, you retain all legal ownership.
  • Can I use my Business Name as the Organization Name?
    Yes, the Organization Name can be any legal entity, person or business.
  • Can I have Domain Privacy only on specific domains?
    Yes, you do not have to use privacy on all your domains, if you only want to use it on one domain, you will only be charged for privacy on that domain.
  • Can I remove privacy once it is purchased?
    Although the $12.99 charge per domain is generally non-refundable, you can remove the privacy from your domain or cancel the auto-renewal at any time.

For further information, go to adding privacy for existing domains with AMP.

Thoughts on “Private Domain Registration

  • Same. I’m on the checkout page selecting my plan and (limited) features and didn’t see any privacy option (bluehost gives you one, and google gives you free protection that’s mentioned in the description).. I used google to find this page, and that fact has me a little hesitant to click that ‘continue’ button on the checkout page now.

    • If you wouldn’t mind sharing what you searched that didn’t show this article as a result, we’ll try to fix this for future reference. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  • We are interested in changing the administrative e-mail on our domain (it doesn’t get looked at very often), but we have domain privacy enabled. Is there a way to make this change with the help of a technician? Do we have to cancel domain privacy to make the change?  


    • If your registered the domain through InMotion, then you can update the information directly in the Account Management Panel (AMP). If you’re having trouble with it, call into the Customer Service team and they can work with you to get that changed. If you registered the domain through another service, then you will need to disable the privacy temporarily and then have the administrator information updated through that service.

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