Changing the confirmation email in Premium Website Builder

Note that the Premium Web Builder is not currently available in cPanel. Check out Alternatives to Premium Web Builder to find a newer tool for creating websites.

Anytime one of your website customer makes an online purchase from your website an email is automatically sent as a confirmation message. A confirmation email is used to let the customer know that their order was successfully submitted.  In this article we’ll show you how to modify the email message.

  1. Log into your Premium Builder and go to “step 4 – Edit
  2. Click your eShop under your “Site map” and then click the “Notifications” tab.


There are several fields you can fill out:

In this feild, enter the e-mail address that you would like displayed to your customers as the from address.

For the subject, enter the subject line that you would like the email message to have.

The message text area is the actual content of the notification e-mail.

Each order is different, and you can customize each email based upon what the user ordered. For example, in most notification emails, a summary of what the user purchased is included. If you would like to include the user’s purchase summary:

  1. While in the “Message” area, place your cursor on the line you would like the summary to be printed.
  2. The phrase “%shoppingCartContent” will be placed in your message, and it will automatically be replaced with a summary of the user’s purchase when the email is sent to the customer.


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