How to view Current Running Processes in WHM

The System Health section in WHM provides an interface to show the current running processes on the server. You can identify the name and location of the processes as well as the directory where the process started.

How to Launch Show Current Processes in WHM

  1. Login to WHM as the root user.
  2. Click on System Health icon

    In the WHM home page click on the System Health icon.

  3. Click on icon for Show Running processes

    Click on Show Current Running Processes.

Main screen of the Show Current Running Processes option

Once the Show Current Running Process option launches you will see a table listing the running processes. See the table below for the explanation of each column in the table.

PidProcess ID – identification number of the process
NameName of the running process
FileFile running the process
Current DirectoryLocation where the process runs
Command LineSpecifies the command or directory where the process started

Congratulations, you now know how to launch and view the running the processes on the server using the System Health Show Current Running Processes in WHM. For more information on your server using the WHM interface, check out the Service Status tutorials.

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