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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for the Web Host Manager

If you wish to help secure your Web Host Manager login then using two-factor authentication is one of the options that you have. In order to user two-factor authentication for your Web Host Manager (WHM) on your VPS Hosting account, you will need to be able to login as the root user and also have the Google Authenticator on a mobile device. Once it is activated you will need to have the mobile device (with the Google Authentication app) in order to access WHM.

    1. Login to WHM as the root user
    2. look for 2-factor authentication

      Search for Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA. This will bring up the Two Factor Authentication interface under the Security Center.

    3. Manage my account

      Click on Manage My Account.

    4. Setup 2-factor authentication button

      Click on the Set Up Two-Factor Authentication button.

    5. In Step 1 you will need to use the Google Authentication app from your mobile device in order to scan the QR code that is being displayed. If you can’t scan the code, then you will need to use the Manual entry option. If you have existing codes in your authenticator, click on the ‘+’ sign in order to see the options for scanning the bar code or manual entry.

    6. Once you have scanned the code or manually entered the provided numbers, you will see a 6-digit code appear in the device. Note that you will need to enter the 6-digit code within a specific period of time. Once you have entered the code, two-factor authentication will be enabled and set for WHM.

In order to see the two-factor authentication working for WHM, logout of WHM, then type in your password. You will then see the request for the code from the Google Authenticator app.

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