Working with the Code Editor with Gutenberg WordPress

Most people prefer to use the visual tools when composing content within WordPress. There is always an effort to get the WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) feel for creating content. However, experienced WordPress users often work in code in order to get the results that they want for their posts. People work Read More >

Using a Full-Width Editor Plugin for Gutenberg WordPress Hosting

Not satisfied with your current website host? Check out the web hosting solutions provided by InMotion Hosting! Occasionally, you might have the frustration of working with the new WordPress post and page editor (called Gutenberg) because it displays a post or page in the 610px width. This is typically defined by the theme you’re in. Read More >

Can I Use the Classic Editor instead of Gutenberg in WordPress?

In this tutorial: Install Classic EditorEnable Classic Editor WordPress recently replaced their editor with Gutenberg but you may want to keep using the old one that you are familiar with. Can you use the Classic Editor instead of Gutenberg? Yes! While there are many editors available, the Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin. This Read More >