How to Restore a Home Directory Backup in cPanel

In this article I’m going to show you how to restore a partial home directory backup in cPanel. This will allow you to restore your account’s website and email files to a previous date when you last made a website backup. This is good knowledge to have, so in case you’ve accidentally removed some files Read More >

How to Backup your website files in cPanel

In this article I’ll walk you through how to download a home directory backup of your account in cPanel. This is considered a partial backup of your account, and it includes all of the website and email files from your user’s home directory, but does not include any MySQL databases. This is a great method Read More >

How to Restore a Database Backup in cPanel

In this article you will learn how to restore your MySQL database from a cPanel database backup within cPanel’s Backup plugin. If you’ve accidentally removed some data from your website’s database, or are having some problems with your database, restoring the database to a previously backed up state might be a great option to save Read More >

Backup your database in cPanel

Backing up your website’s database periodically is always a great thing to do, as someone who has lost data myself from failing to remember to back up, I can’t stress enough how important it is to backup your database to save yourself stress down the road. Almost every application that websites run off these days Read More >

Backing up your Database with the cPanel Backup Tool

If you have a website running a shopping cart or it is built with WordPress, Joomla or one of the many other content management systems it’s likely you have a MySQL database. It is important to backup a copy of your database on a regular basis, often times this is a hard lesson to learn Read More >

Do you run backups of your servers?

Automatic remote backups We run an automatic remote backup service on all VPS, shared hosting, and Reseller accounts under 10GB in size. This service is not automatic for our Dedicated Server plans and must be purchased additionally. These backups run every 24-36 hours for emergency purposes, and a data restoration can be requested in AMP. Read More >