How to import a CSV file of email addresses into phpList

During our testing of phpList and the rate limiting feature it has available, we had the need to import a large number of email addresses into a mailing list. Just like us, if you already have a list of email addresses and you need to import them into phpList, you’ll need to also know how to import email addresses in bulk.

In our example, we imported a CSV file with almost 400 email addresses in it. This is what part of our CSV file looked like:

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

As you can see, it is a simple text file full of email address, and each email address is separated by a comma.

To import a CSV file into phpList:

  1. Log into your phpList Admin (if you’re following along with our example, we visited
  2. Click “Manage Users” in the right menu
  3. Click “Import Users”
  4. Click the link, “import emails with the same values for attributes.”
    • At the top of the page you’ll see a list of your mailing lists. Check the lists that you would like to import the email addresses to.
    • Next to “File containing emails”, click browse and select the CSV file on your computer
    • For “Record Delimiter”, enter a comma ,
    • If you want all of the email addresses to be sent a confirmation message before they are subscribed, select the “Send Notification email” option. Otherwise, to automatically subscribe each user, click “Make confirmed immediately”
    • Click “Import”
  5. When the import has been successful, you should see a page similar to the below:

To confirm that you have imported the users, click “lists” in the right menu. The list you subscribed your users to should have increased:

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